Work - No Pain in Back-Knee-Hip-Shoulder-Neck

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Patients suffering from PTBS caused by trauma and psychosomatic disorders often show no

physical symptoms.

Many people have in their medical history recurring symptoms in the same regions of their body, especially back, knee, arm/hand, hip and shoulder/neck.

These disorders can be triggered off as a result of experienced emotional or physical injuries.
It is of interest that discomfort  and pain are quite often not taken seriously by the established
treatment institutions.

According to a report in "Bild der Wissenschaft" 01/2004, ninety percent of the entire population sooner or later have muscle and joint pains or less often, herniated discs.

Complaints about back pain are increasing, although manual work is decreasing.

What are the causes?

1. Personal  history of the patient

2. Social components

3. Individual stress

4. Working environment

5. Organic damage

6. Genetic defects

7. External in uences

8. Bad posture

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